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Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 ;

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.  Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 Sweet, isn’t it? Ho, ho, ho. All right. Look over there, genius. That’s the ticket. What’s your story? What do you want? Can I get a Slinky?   A Slinky?   Mm hm. You mean to say you waited two hours in line to ask for a bed spring? That’s it? Ha! Come on, kid, dream big. Next. There now. It wasn’t so bad, was it? Okay, yeah, it was a nightmare. I don’t know how you did it. Very brave. My little soldier. Oh! A little further. Ho, ho, ho. Up here. Unh. Come on, Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3. Do your thing. All right, what can Santa get for you, sport? Welcome to the wax museum. Come on, spill it. It’s okay, buddy. Just tell Santa what you want. Could you bring me a tire? A tire? You mean like a bicycle tire? A car tire. A car tire? What the heck are you gonna do with a car tire? That’s just weird. Get him out of here. Hey, knock knees, come here. What was that all about? I just think you could go a little easier on them, that’s all. Excuse me. I’ve been delighting children for  years. Don’t you step on my turf. No. We should hold Santa to a higher standard.   I mean, you’re taking the spirit out of it.   You want dispirited? Come spend the day at my house. “Get off your lard ass and make some money.” Yeah, so she can spend it on punchboards and cheap gin. That’s dispirited.   I wanna see him now!   Me too, fat stuff! Come on, Ralph, this guy’s hopeless. Uh, let’s keep it moving. Spa’s entitled to his opinion. He has more Game spirit than this bum.   I’m sitting right here.   And you shouldn’t be. You’re a disgrace to that uniform. And you know what?   No more kids for you.   What? Everyone, you can all go home.   What?   No more Santa for you. He is not worth it. No Santa? What? Oh, you tell them, chief. Are you crazy? You see this line? It keeps going with the curve of the Earth. Now, be a good elf and get some more kids. Did you just hit me? No, I pushed you. There’s a difference. Uh, guys. You mean like this versus this? Oh ho! Here we go, elf fight. Oh, yeah. Guy… uh, guys, guys. No, no, no. Ah, bringing out the weapons. Swing! Oh, yeah! Guys, are you crazy?   You’re gonna get us fired, man. Aah!   Oh! You see that, boys and girls? That’s me and Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 every single night. Ha, ha! Time to slide down through the chimney of Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 Tavern and tie one on. Ho, ho, ho! I quit!   That’ll learn you.   Aah! Yoo hoo! Hey there. Brought you a little something. Oh. Made you some soup. Ooh. Game needed a new filling.   He’s lying down for a bit.   I don’t get it. I’m jigging my keister off here. Here, have some of this, it’s still warm. I’m raising, I’m dropping, I’m raising, I’m dropping. What the heck do they want? Why don’t I give it a try?   Well, your arm must be aching.   Heh. Why not? Go to town. No, no, no. They go for the bright ones. They don’t seem to go for much of anything, actually. Excuse me? I’m just saying maybe you need a prettier one. They don’t think like that, dear. That’s it. Now, just remember, raise and drop, raise and drop. That’s it. Oh, this is good.   Oh!   Whoa! Hey, whoa! I got it!   Hang on! I got it.   I’m trying. Whoa! That’s a monster. Oh! It’s prehistoric.

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