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Then what did you write about? Not about love? No actually. More about everyday things. Writing in itself is beautiful. And ofcourse between the lines Bike Games . You’ld fantasize a lot. Are you still reading french novels? Not for a long time. Ever since i’ve read Madame Bovary by Flaubert i’ve been cured. Did you read that? It was in my fathers bookcase. And all the time l thought you we’re withering away over there at the Waddenzee. Is this we’re you’re going to meet him? When was the last time you saw him? Six years ago. Will you still recognize him? I hope so. Is that him? Goodafternoon ladies. Hello, Sjoukje. Hello, Durk. Bike Game van Loon. Durk Hartmans, it’s a pleasure. So you two were in a cradle together? On the farm? Or the vicarage, Sjoukje? On the farm Free Sjoukje? Yes, in a cradle. Oh, how delightful. I think Bike Games This shouldn’t be, Sjoukje. Howcome? How can you let this boy Bike Games Heavens!. Now you don’t have anyone for tomorrownight. What did you do? Sjoukje, there’s a visitor for you. I’m sorry to intrude like this. Bike Game Troelstra is my name. Bike Game van Loon’s brother told me Bike Games Let me get right to the point. I have the honour to invite you to the springball of the Vindicat studentfraternity. My lady was inhibited. And l was told you we’re suddenly available also. This is Blom. Race: Mutt, But loyal and a full of character. You are Bike Game, the Frisian poet? Indeed, miss. You know my verses? Do you still remember that silent field where the flowers grew wildly where the Lark sings in the morning and the little fish frolics. Did you hear that, Blom? We we’re quoted to. This ball is sometimes sarcasticly referred to as Bike Games a ‘market of marriage’ for the upper class. Those are lies ofcourse. Lies made up by jalous lowerclass folk. Aren’t you going a bit fast with this? I’m truly sorry for the ladies but l have to admit that Bike Games I have already been sold at the beginning of the ‘market’ I wish you all a good time Bike Games and especially, some successful ‘transactions’. I thank you. He may be a brillian student Bike Games But? In Dokkum in boarding school l allready wrote short stories and poems. The Administrator said l had talent. They’re just experiments. I’d like to read them. Motorun

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