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Uncover all of your grandfather`s sheet music, hidden in his home amongst a treasure trove of gorgeous antiques and musical relics!

So you won’t.. Musaic Box be afraid of making loss whenyou can’t sell your products. You won’t be indebted to produce.  This is what I’ll say.I’ll be glad to answer your questions.BrotherMehmet Aga didn’t come. Who’s Mehmet Aga? Musaic Box .He didn’t come.We have to go. Quick. It’s goodbut I don’t understand..why everyone has equal share? For example Mehmet Aga has decares of land.Whereas Worm Hasan hasmaybe decares of land. Now if we take part in these farms..the two willget the same money yes? Is it true? Brother come on brother. This man is probably working in the field;we can catch him only now; come on. Erhan people are asking questionsI have to answer these questions. My brother why are youmaking things so difficult?What don’t you understand? Listen you say Mehmet Aga hasdecares of land field yes? But how did he get this land..how did he buy these farms? Look all of you were indebted;all you were in debt to these banks. This man bought your land very cheap;and made..your children workerof himself on top of it..and you stilldefend Mehmet Aga ha? Let’s go let’s go! Their question don’t end!We’re too late.For God’s sake we are late! Musaic Box ! We’ll solve it later. We’ll solve it later.He’ll tell you my brotherwill tell you everything.My friends I’ll come later again..in order to make furtherexplanation to you.Sorry about today.It’s a matter of life and death!See you soon! Goodbye.Brother please be quick! So why didn’t you talk?I was just preparing to talk.The man standing here is Susuzgil?Yes he is. Musaic Box

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