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.  What? I do not touch! I do not touch! It was crazy! I have put a cramp. I told you that you must register. I do not think are video which takes  seconds. Come on, have been at least two minutes and ,  seconds. Mystery IQ Test Lord, how good it was! Are you aware that should il start over, right? I do not have time. Need to talk to coach to replace me. Wake up. Okay, okay. Come on. Okay, okay. Why are you bad? Oh, yes   Good morning, dear. Hey, baby. Flash Games, I told to that room stops you! I know suck. But, baby, I was bad trick last night. Honey, look at this movement. You’re right, but Flash Games, I want to delete this box. I do not want to get on the internet. Mystery IQ Test Rolls back. Okay. Did you see that? Yes, I call that movement “tornado”. No, you idiot! Here! U and A. .. and as I was! See? There is a rational explanation for this. What happens to tornado it creates a vortex that when I move the hips. Especially with movements down That vortex is created. I wonder how did not open and windows. Sometimes that happens. You see, I’m working on a thing natural disaster they stay here. You do not have to sleep at night. An earthquake. Earthquake is crazy. Makes you vibrate fast   Flash Games! Come here, please! What happened? The cup was on the table and I  something I slammed down! How do you explain that? You can put on edge and just slipped. Last night was the door, Flash Games, morning and the glass is down. Maybe it was not made properly. I assume responsibility for it. God knows that you’re not cooked. I love you, but not Ignore glasses and other crap falling from the house. Now believe me, Flash Games? Maybe it was your vortex! Oh, God Night  August ,  What was that? Did you hear that? No. How? But this? That was the only house which brings up the right. Mystery IQ Test Get back to sleep. To put myself back to sleep? He was the wind? Nigger, windows are closed! Hell, no! I deleted it here! What? Flash Games! Flash Games! Really? Hell, no! Flash Games, how are you? Panaramo is a ghost in the house! We’re even a door out of here! You can not leave. to look only! Peace. Flash Games! Are you okay?

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