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Newspaper Boy 2 ;

Newspaper Boy 2 , pşay Newspaper Boy 2 , gameThrow your newspaper bombs into peoples houses threw their windows. Get money to upgrade your bike.
You might not know this but our companytook great pains to scout him…That’s enough. Go do your work.But…You have a visitor waiting for you.Thank you.Wow you’ve done great! So when were we in the same class? You don’t have to use the Newspaper Boy 2 formal tonewith a fellow classmate!I showed up to school on occasion butit’s true we were in the same class. I was busy then too. Wow this coffeetastes great! What kind of coffee is it? What did you say your name was?Oh I forgot to give youmy business card.It’s in Dongdaemun? Yeah. We’re in the same business you know. I heard these days business is slowin Dongdaemun.Who in fashion isn’t havinga hard time these days? You’re having a tough time Newspaper Boy 2 too aren’t you? Sure. So what do you want to tell me?You haven’t come here to ask mefor money have you?What?I’m sorry if I offended you.You see there are occasionallypeople who ask me that.Really?But if you’re here to make a deal with us…I could introduce you to someonewho might be able to help you.I’m sorry but I’m kind of busy right now.Should I introduce you to that person?Sure. Sounds good.Thanks.No need to thank me since the dealhasn’t been made yet.Nice meeting you.Yeah sure.Pleasure was mine.The visitor is leaving now. Introduce himto the outsourcing team.I actually came here to borrow money.Do you have about $?Didn’t you understand what I said?Just tell me whether or notyou have the money.I don’t have any money to lend you.So that’s a no right?I see you’re worth no morethan $.See ya.I’m going to buy this building.It makes me mad the moreI think about it…You!Dammit! You scared me!What are you doing here?Why are you sleeping here?You said you’d give me room and board!So you took it literally and decided to sleephere? Are you going to live here?I thought there’d be separateliving quarters for employees.Go to sleep.We’ll talk about this tomorrow.You’re going to sleep here too?That’s my bed you’re sleeping onyou know.Hi Auntie! It’s me Young Gul.How have you been?What do you meanwhy am I calling?You have some money right?Have I ever asked you for money before?If you don’t want to lend me moneythen just say so!You don’t have to yell. Why are you bringing up my mom again? Is it my fault she left for the U.S.with her new man? Newspaper Boy 2

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