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Iike the siIence before the storm. The Mazemight not be ready for us but we were ready for it…The Maze might not be ready forus but we were ready for it…Ready since the Iast eIeven years. Next Top Model Dress Up Come come.Do come.Here is beIonging of you two.And this from me.Warden! Is it bribefor Ietting us go out?Yakub more than VijayI’m worried about you.What wiII become of you.And Vijay what have you decided?Sir the worId is verybig. And my resoIve too is.Keep dropping insome time to meet me.Okay!Warden after we Ieftyou’II remember us won’t you?Who the heII are these peopIedeaIing coke from our house?Am gonna fIush themout. -HoId it Yakub.It aint wise to createa scene right away.Let’s go with the pIan.Come we’II find out first.We didn’t Iet anyone geta whiff of our return.Just found out aII the Iatestnews from an oId friend.Who is it Next Top Model Dress Up …Am coming…What do you want…What do you need?Am Ramesh Jadhav…Whom do you wanna meet?For a Iong time you gave us %…..and kept the % to yourseIf…it’s time to setthe record straight.Hey Bitch!Hey….Don’t you remember you buddies man?Oh! My god…You guys are…Vijay Yakub…!Shh shh be quiet……even the dogs out here know us.You’ve grown up now..Come in come in.Don’t you know peace isessentiaI for business?Among us it couId be anything.Outside pubIic and even tomedia we don’t Iet know anything.You do know that India’s worst……and the richestpIace to controI……for a man or a gangis impossibIe.You are right.But it’s not impossibIe.It’s aII how you think.I’ve to unearth recordsof those five bosses.TeII me whether youare with us or not?I am.See as far as you can see.These are the borders ofthe two bosses of The Maze… games


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