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Playing With The Fire 2 ;

Playing With The Fire 2, Play Playing With The Fire 2 Game
Select the number of players and level to start the game. Blow up your opponents using bombs before they manage to kill you.

Playing With The Fire 2 Sir did your government send you tonegotiate the exchange of hostages? Play Game Airport Saturday October What day is today? Saturday the th.Go.Today is AnnaMaria’s birthday.She is .Captain Mahmud.Our stewardess AnnaMaria hasher birthday today.How old?.We could try to get hera birthday cake.It would also be good forthe passengers. It wouldcheer them up.Yes. Yes that’s a good idea.call the tower. Play Game Lufthansa to the control tower. Games We hear you.Play Game One of our stewardesses has a birthday today. Games Play Game Maybe you could give us a cake or something? Games OK we try our very best.One more thing. We have problems with our APU.We are short on fuel.The APU is a generator thatprovides the pressurefor the electricity and the air conditioning.Play Game Negative. Sorry negative. Refueling is not possible. Games And when the fuel runs out? The AC will fail then the radiothen the water and it will be hell.Is it the same organization which wasreponsible for Entebbe last year? Yes. The PFLP. The Popular Frontfor the Liberation of Plalestine.A former Arab nationalist group a MarxistLeninist splinter group of the PLO. They collaborate with virtuallyall western terrorist groups. The head of the PFLP is one of themost dangerous terrorists in the world. Take a look. Dr. Wadi Haddad.Alias Abu Hani. Haddad is responsible for theoverseas operations of the PFLP.Everyone calls him “The Master”. We are pressed for time.We have an ultimatum. Try to contact East Berlin. What about Moscow? We are dealing with it. Baghdad October Mr. Ambassador we believe that theGermans will employ a special unit.In no case will we allowanother Entebbe. Sunday at my peoplewill continue their journey.They will fly to Aden.Once there they will be withour friends in South Yemenand we will have a free hand.Don’t worry about that.I must warn you.Moscow hopes the matter willrun smoothly.You have no margin of errorso to say. Playing With The Fire 2 Comrade I have thought of everything.You have nothing to fear. Play Game In a surprise visit to Game Minister of State Wischnewski Games Play Game tries to make contact with theterrorists aboard the Lufthansa plane Games Playing With The Fire 2

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