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Darling wake up.This man isn’t for you. Sometimes you’ll get the man.Sometimes your husband will get the man But I can’t believe myinstincts would be so off.I thought he was attracted to me. I mean I really Puff Pastry felt it in my gut.The last time your gut had that feelingit cost us grand for the wedding.Sweetheart do you notwant Peter to be happy? Of course I want him to be happy.Do you not want Peter out of your den?More than I want him to be happy.Puff Pastry Well then it’s win-win.You just help him nurture him.Someone in this familyshould have a rich husband.Oh maybe they’ll go to Beijingand bring us back a grandchild. Wait a minute. I just had a thought.What if Peter and this guy get married? Whose family pays? Becausewe’re on a fixed income. Oh no Glen we canpay for another wedding. By the time that Franfinally gets marriedshe can use our life insurance for money.Am I really an only childor did the other onesjust kill themselves?God I’m so nervous.You know this is the firstreal date I’ve had with a man.I mean should I play hard to get? No too hard to get sweetie.I mean you’re not getting any younger.And man boobs run in your family.You know Fran I knowthis isn’t easy for you.What do you mean… helpingmy ex-husband get dressedto go out with my ex-boyfriend?Please.I just want you to knowthat I appreciate it.Sweetie I just want you to be happy.I want you to meet anice man fall in lovemove out of the den apilates machine moves in.It’s the circle of life.Hakuna matata. If there’s a lull in the conversation- I was thinking…- No.Do not tell the “JimmySmits at Olive Garden” story.Why not? Everyone loves that…No they don’t. It’s stupid.Well now you’re just tying my hands. Ooh that’s him.Would you get the door?- Yeah.- I want to make an entrance.Oh I wish we had dry ice.Hi.Hello Fran.Oh don’t you look smashing? Oh apparently not smashing enough.So where are you boys going tonight?Well it would be hardto top that fabulous lunchyou and I had at Mr. Chow’s.So I thought we’d takea drive up the coast…sunset cocktails lobster dinner at Nobu

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