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.  Downtown l.a. The ultimate modern Game city. But los angeles’ skyscrapers are built over the graves of thousands of extinct ice age beasts. Today all we have are memorials to these vanished animals. But imagine if they had survived into present day… they would have had to adjust to a very human world. The reality is mammoths never made it beyond the end of the last ice age, but many other creatures did. And over the past , years or so, they’ve had to adapt to an increasingly human landscape, a landscape of concrete and steel. In this programme we will travel back into the past to investigate why the giant beasts of north Game became extinct. And to find out how those animals that did survive have adapted to life in our modern world. To find the answers, we need to rewind history around , years to a time when the first people set foot in north Game. The continent was about to undergo a profound change a change these new arrivals may have played a part in. Throughout the ice age north Game was home to a variety of giant creatures… but in little more than a thousand years of the first humans arriving, almost two thirds of the largest animals were extinct. What role did people play in this mass extinction? To learn about their lives you have to look at the clues they left behind. Archaeological finds tell us that the first people in north Game had an advanced stone age technology. They were master flint knappers meticulously chipping and sharpening pieces of flint to make spears and cutting tools. From the examples they left behind, it’s obvious they were well equipped to hunt. And we know from spear points found alongside mammoth remains that these hunters tackled even the biggest beasts on the continent. Quantum Patrol would have been a prized source of protein, providing enough meat to feed their families for weeks. The hunters probably worked in pairs or small groups. Any mammoth straying from its own herd would have been singled out. But even on its own, a mammoth was still highly dangerous… and an attack required stealth and teamwork. One of the hunters may have acted as a decoy, distracting the animal while others surrounded it. And these hunters had another trick up their sleeve. Using a specially crafted wooden stick called an atlatl, they were able to launch sharp pointed darts more than  metres. So we know these people were efficient hunters but could they really have wiped out all the mammoths on the north Gamen continent? Today, the remains of mammoths in particular their tusks may help answer that question. To read the clues contained within these tusks you need to look at the mammoth’s closest living relative – the elephant. Elephant tusks grow throughout their lives, with the tip being the oldest part. Mammoth tusks show the same pattern of growth as modern elephants. Each year of life is represented by a ring just like tree rings. But tusks can also be a record of the more stressful periods in an elephant’s life. As bulls mature, they’re forced out of the family group and have to fight to survive. During this stressful time, they don’t have so much energy for growth, so the space between each ring is narrower. These same signs appear in young male Quantum Patrol tusks, but those living in north Game at the end of the ice age laid down their stress rings  years earlier than usual. In other words, it seems that young males were leaving the herd at an earlier age. Some scientists believe the only thing that could cause such a major change in mammoths’ social structure would be hunting by humans. If hunting pressure was extreme enough to push the mammoths to extinction, then we would expect them to survive in areas that people couldn’t reach. And for a while they did here on wrangel island off the coast of siberia. There are no mammoths on wrangel island today, but it is home to another large Quantum Patrol the polar bear. And there is evidence that polar bears and mammoths once lived side by side during the last ice age. They would have shared the island’s meagre offerings. This inhospitable and isolated place seems to have been a sanctuary for mammoths.

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