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Rail of Death 3 ;

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. The glasses Where are your glasses Look there took So? Games? If he doesn’t wear my glasses he can’t see me or hear me My glasses My glasses There they are. Play Game I’m so glad I thought I’d never see you again. Don’t be so serious The class visit is gonna be fun today. We look forward to it You’ll raise your hand in front of everyone ‘course I will Great So you can eat that pepper too Sure Games If you don’t overcome your dislikes you don’t grow up Don’t I always tell you. It seems, you can’t eat it Sure I can You saw that Kohei? He ate it Games amazing You’re great. All right, I’ll pour you the juice. I’ll do it Can you? You’ll spill it again. Are you OK? ‘course I can I’m in first year now Games, good Now you’re a first year in his full capacity It seems you entered just yesterday. And we’re already into the second semester Next year you’ll be in second year Before we know it you’ll graduate from elementary school. How will you be in junior high school? Rail of Death 3 Like a big boy You’ll play soccer or baseball You’ll get all muddy “Play Game, I’ve been selected in our team” Excellent Games. Your father and I are proud of you. Will you come to our game? Of course I will, are you kidding? Play Game? We have to hurry or we’ll be late for the class visit They’re gone Today is a busy day for everyone. You think I’m OK dressed like this? You’ll be fine who cares You’ll just be standing at the back of the classroom. You’re OK, look how I’m dressed Well, no one can see me Mr Uehara Good morning Good morning Mr Takakura It’s the whole family today. We have the class visit today. The class visit? I see I wish I could go too to your class visit. You just want to meet teacher Yoshinaga And teacher Yoshinaga, your teacher I knew it She’s so great. Enough drooling You’re a police officer. Rail of Death 3 Behave now What’s that freezing cold? You had a sudden cold right? I have this too sometimes. What could it be? I have it too at times That’s a weird occurence, right?. All right, Games Say hi for me to teacher Yoshinaga Have a nice day I wish I’d go I’m gonna be late All right guys, I must go Don’t blunder in front of everyone.

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