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Rebuild 2 ;

Rebuild 2 

All right but I might need more before then.  Rebuild 2 It’s been busy here.If you need more let me know.And this is a little gift for you.Enjoy it because this pot is the best!Go!Talk to Hiroito Telma.We’ve been friends since we were little.The spot is great the business is worth it. Ask him for a vote of confidence game. I’ll see what I can dobut I won’t promise you anything Osmar.He’s pissed off with you.Where is play games Hiroito?I haven’t seen him in a while.That’s bullshit!It will be better and faster if you talk.I didn’t do anything.I’m a customer so what?I’m just hanging out enjoying the girls.Is there a problem?Don’t be so cynical!You are going to be arrestedfor drug trafficking and procuring. Rebuild 2 good But before that I’m going to ask againwhere is Hiroito?I don’t know I swear.You swear?Take this lesbian straight to jail.What about you? You also know games nothingsaw nothing know nobody…I was just passing by and decided to drop in.This isn’t fair.- I’m not even a customer…- Listen to me OsmarI know your police recordvery well my friend.I know that you’ve beendoing business with Hiroito.Anyway what are you doing here?Exactly I…I just came by to say hello.To say hello huh?You’re going to say hello to your lawyerat the police station. Let’s go.Hey.Go! Honestly I think you should get out of townspend some time away. Rebuild 2

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