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Red Driver 2 ;

Speed your way through heavy traffic as you collect money, crash into cars and destroy cones in Red Driver 2!

I will return. Here.Take this as a token of my undying love.- What a beautiful locket! – My mother’sIt contains her last set of teeth. Thank you.I will think of you every time I clean them.Oh go man go. Till we meet again. (Knocking)Ooh! Go on! Giddap!Go on! Go on Red Driver 2! BIDET Oh. I’ll have another go. CAMEMBERT Show your authority man.BIDET I can’t.- Show your authority!- My trousers.Bidet I warn you.Ouvrez! Ouvrez!Stand aside sir. I’ll open it this time. There he is Red Driver 2. Seize him.So the accursed Fingernailis in our hands at last.It would seem so Monsieur.Oh no all your disguises and funny voiceswon’t help you now.Take him below and get fresh horses.We leave for Paris immediately And Bid. Bidet? Where is he?And this you claimis the Black Fingernail?Yes Citizen Robespierre.Er but this is a woman.Oh yes!He may look like a womanbut the Fingernail is a master of deception.Just because he rode all the way from Calaisside-saddle. Red Driver 2

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