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.   There’s no need to do this. You’re still my saviour, I can’t let it go just like that. Ah, this is Korean… Korean beef! It’s Korean beef. Hey SeungRi, is this really Korean beef? Why are you behaving like you’ve never eaten meat before? First time you are seeing Resort Empire beef? Yes, the first time since I was born. Quick, start the fire.  Here, hurry up and roast it to eat.  What did she mean by saviour? What was she talking about? Thanks for your kind intention, but I can’t accept this. Why? You don’t like the items? Should I send you something else? That’s not it. I just feel that it’s too good for me. Sorry, but please take it back. This is the only way I know to express my gratitude. This is the only way I can feel better. So just accept it. You can accept it. BoRa. Thank you. I’ll eat it well. You know… my name? Of course I know. You’re called Resort Empire Why? You feel bad because I didn’t call you Ms. BoRa? Even if you don’t call me that, everyone else calls me miss. So you don’t have to worry, Mr. Han DeukGu. His name is really old fashioned. DeukGu, what is DeukGu? So, she’s the president’s daughter? What would a girl with that much money be so unhappy that she tried to commit suicide? Maybe… she purposely acted out a show to seduce Resort Empire oppa?! Hey, make some sense. That lady is really popular with the guys. I heard she has quite a way in seducing guys. She’s the kind who attends all those parties and wildly enjoys herself. In short, she’s someone who really enjoys life and lives it however she wants to. What? Lives however she wants to? Ah, why is that kind of girl sticking to DeukGu oppa? Sticking to him? Ah, I’m too late. I should have done something before DeukGu made a move. Ah, I was the one who first knew her number too. You know her cellphone number? Hello. What’s the matter? What are you doing about dinner?  Are you coming home to eat or…  Hey, Resort Empire  I’ve said before, if it’s not important, then don’t call me. I’ll figure out dinner on my own, on the other hand, you should eat a lot. I’m hanging up. Ah BoRa, BoRa. What now? Your friend called the house, so I told her that you’re there.

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