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Rocky Look ;

Rocky Look

In this one crucial second, all the elementary particles were created Including scientists believethe Higgs boson.The mysteries of existence liewithin this second.Certainly we understand thescience we understand the physics.Backwards into this secondbut at some point we justrun out of knowledge.The Large Hadron Collideris allowing us to seeright back to to the – Rocky Look secondsafter the Big Bang.Beyond that here be dragons.Or dinosaurs!The Large Hadron Collider’stechnique to transport scientiststo the moment just afterthe Big Bang is as violentas it is ambitious. metresunderground it takes protonsfrom the nuclei of atomsand collides themat almost the speed of light. Rocky Look These protons are collidingat huge energiesand in those collisionsa large number of particles areproduced hundreds thousands even.And trying to look at thoseparticles that are produced Rocky Look

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