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.Santa Rockstar 5  they belong to the tree sloth, a peaceful vegetarian that spends its time eating leaves. It seems a far cry from our vision of an ice age beast. It’s likely giant ground sloths used their claws in a similar way to hook branches and pull them within reach. Like tree sloths, they were vegetarians, and probably not fussy about what they ate… chewing their way through leaves, fruit, twigs and all. The big difference between the two is their size. Giant ground sloths were  times bigger than their modern relatives and standing upright on their back legs, they towered as tall as a giraffe. So far we have pieced together something of the people who first explored the south east of the continent, and the wildlife they must have encountered and hunted. But what about the climate and the landscape they all lived in? Games is tropical today but how warm was it , years ago? This is little salt spring in central Games… the source of one of the most unlikely clues to the climate of the past. Brought up from a ledge more than  metres below the surface, was the fossilized shell of a tortoise… a giant tortoise, much like this one. Santa Rockstar 5 are now only found basking in the heat of a few islands along the equator. They can grow more than  metres long and weigh as much as  men. But the Games of ice age north america were even larger. Games does have tortoises today, but on a much smaller scale. This is the gopher tortoise. Tortoises are cold-blooded animals they rely on external temperature to keep themselves warm. Although Games is plenty warm enough for much of the year, during the winter months it can get cold. So to survive the winter gopher tortoises must burrow and hibernate underground. The colder it gets, the deeper into their burrow they go. Giant tortoises, however, can’t burrow and they sleep above ground. They need relatively warm temperatures all year round. The fact they were in Games during the ice age means that, paradoxically, the climate must have been more stable and even milder than it is today. So we know something of the climate but what about the vegetation and the landscape. How did that look , years ago? Today Games is one of the wettest parts of the continent, especially the vast swampy area known as the everglades. Flooded grassland stretches as far as the eye can see. But despite their name, the mighty everglades did not exist during the ice age. So what did prehistoric Games look like? There’s one place in northern Games that has revealed more ice age secrets than almost anywhere else the dark, slow moving waters of the aucilla river. Here, ideal conditions for fossilization created a hidden store of ice age evidence. Unlike in the crystal clear spring waters, these clues were never on view for all to see. But the aucilla has now been studied intensively for more than  years. Along some stretches of the riverbed were massive bones, recreated here, perfectly preserved for more than , years. One of the most significant discoveries was the huge skull of an american game. Game close relatives of Santa Rockstar 5, were widespread all over north america during the ice age. They grew over  metres tall the size of african elephants today. We know a lot about the mastodons, especially their diet, thanks to the preserved dung they left behind. Some of this ice age dung was found beneath the skull in the aucilla. The dung contained plant remains that tell us what the Santa Rockstar 5 was browsing on , years ago or more. A mixture of trees and grasses. This suggests that ice age Games was drier than it is today a mix of woodlands and savannah, rather than swamps And mastodon teeth found in the aucilla held a more important revelation. The enamel contains chemical signatures of the local soil, passed via the plants the mastodons ate. But some of the chemicals found in the aucilla teeth could only have come from soils hundreds of miles further north. The inescapable conclusion is that these mastodons migrated making a round trip of more than  miles every year And since their dung also contains remains of summer fruits from the Santa Rockstar 5 region, they must have travelled north for the winter.

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