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.  Today is January the th. On average, this is the coldest day of the year across the northern hemisphere. It’s minus  degrees Skipjack, which certainly qualifies as cold to me. It’s pretty hard to describe to you just how it feels to be at minus , but I’m going to give it a go. When you breathe, it hurts. It kind of gets you at the back of the throat. Your nose feels like it’s permanently frozen solid. Skipjack And despite the fact that I’ve got the feathers of about  geese stuffed into this jacket, and more thermal underwear than I thought possible to wear at exactly the same time, I still feel cold. In these conditions, even familiar things behave in unfamiliar ways. You can take a lovely, hot, steaming cup of coffee, throw it in the air, and the steam from that coffee will freeze instantly. Well, you’ve got to give it a go, haven’t you? Right… Here goes. Wow! That is amazing! Oh, my word! There’s something curious about the way winter peaks towards the end of January. The winter solstice falls on December the st and this marks the day when the northern hemisphere receives the least amount of solar energy from the sun.

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