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. Slay With Santa their pride territory is now overflowing with food. Once the midday heat subsides, the females rouse themselves to hunt. The scene is set for a daily ice age drama. Only the very largest are safe now. Patience is the key… the lionesses close in, waiting for their opportunity. The first charge causes chaos but this is just what the lions want. In the melee, they’ve already pinpointed their prey. The leader pounces, and a horse is down… meanwhile, the spooked herds stampede up the valley. But they’re running straight into another trap… a hidden cave, already full of ice age victims and now it claims another. Above ground, the members of the valley pride – mothers, sisters and cubs feast. But their success hasn’t gone unnoticed. From many miles away, the short-faced bear can smell blood on the breeze. He sniffs his way towards the source. Meanwhile, satisfied and sleepy, the pride settles down for a snooze. More than twice the weight of the pride’s most powerful lion, the short-faced bear is a daunting sight. Its trump card is to use its massive size to frighten hunters from their kill. But the lions won’t give up their hard-won meal without a fight. This time, the bear’s scare tactics just don’t work… the Slay With Santa numbers are against him and, despite his gnawing hunger, he backs down. The autumn winds are rising, carrying another scent across the plains… and once again the bear’s nose sets his course. This trail leads to the cave and the freshly dead bison… just out of reach. Hunger makes the bear risk everything. He falls and joins the bison in its tomb. Now he can eat his fill… but after that there’s no way out. In time he’ll be just one more ice age specimen. Outside, another group of predators head for their cave at dusk… Slay With Santa pack hunters even more effective than the lion or the wolf. Still relatively new here, they’ll eventually transform the ice age plains, and build their own future by exploiting the herds of the american serengeti. Even the giants that now dominate this ice age world will soon be gone. But they’ll leave clues behind, and one day distant generations will pick up their trail and tell their story. Next week on wild new world we discover why mammoths didn’t make it through to modern times. And we explore how Play Game’s wildlife has adapted to living in a very human world. Find out how we recreated

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