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Sonic , play sonic

The full-scale model is nearingcompletion in my workshop.I’ve been working on it for months.Here are the plans.This button operates it underwater.This one propels it up in the air. Sonic And this one puts it in orbit.I think this guy’s in orbit already.Sorry professor but I’m afraidwe’d be in your way.-We’ll be seeing you.-No.No wait please. My daysare so lonely and monotonous.It’s momentous.Hey I said it!Quiet.It will be so nice to have earthlingsin the house for a change.Pardon medid you say earthlingsThat’s right. I’m often botheredby a spy from outer space……who’s trying to steal my plans.A terrible-looking thing.Claws instead of hands a hideousgreen face sharp yellow fangs.Oh the regular monster type. Sonic Monster That’s right yes exactly.-Okay professor we’ll stay.-Yeah sure.-What have we got to lose- Yeah. Thanks. William will show youto your tombs.I mean rooms!Moe-About that professor-Don’t pay any attention……to what the old guy saidabout the spy from outer space.He’s been bending over thosediagrams too long.Well just the sameI’m taking no chances.-Where did you get that-Off the wall.Chicken. If anything happensI’ll be across the hall. Games Now get some shuteye. We gottabe in shape for our show tomorrow.-Good night.-Good night.On this monanimous occasion….That’s not right. Moninimous.-Modinimous-Dream about it!Turn out the lights I’m bushed.Moe they’re here!-They’re Play Game here!-What are you yelling about-They’re here.-They’re here Who’s here-From outer space.-You’re off your rocker. Sonic

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