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Spring heels design It’s under H for Harrison. So we have it. Yes I knew but.. . See you later. Hi Raymond! ! This scaffolding’snot great for business. We’re almost done! Spring heels design ordered an abdominal sonogram. She’s threemonths pregnant. Did you know? No.I did. Neurological findings indicatethat she’s in a stage coma.What does that mean? There are four stages. Stage is the least serious. Stage meansshe can’t comprehend languageshe doesn’t react to pressure But she may react to pain And stage ? That’s cerebral death.So stage is very serious? It’s a deep coma.It’s very serious. If we speak can she hear us?There’s no proof but we think so. Coming out of a coma hearingis the first sense to return.But she will wake up? We’re hopingfor a rapid improvement.But she could get worse? Unfortunately that’s possible. There are two tiny holesin her foreheadwith captors measuring brainactivity and intracranial pressure.It looks a little scarybut don’t worryshe’s in good hands. She’ll wake up. She was going to tell you tonight. She wants to keep it. Marine’s gonna have a baby? Yes sweetheart. Is there a father we can contact? You’re not sleeping?I don’t wanna sleep. Go to sleep Spring heels design it’s late.I don’t want to.What’s the matter? I don’t wanna be in a coma. Why do you say that? You said a comais when you’re asleep. Mommy was wrong to say that. I just wanted to reassure you. You can go to sleep. You have nothing to fear. When will Marine wake up? Very soon. Come here. When Marine and I were littlewe made up a song. What kind of a song? A song And the rule wasif we sang it really fastwe wouldn’t be afraid anymore.If you’re scared of the dark Think of a larkIf you’re scared of the city Think of a kitty Spring heels design

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