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Stealing the Diamond ;

Stealing the Diamond, Play Stealing the Diamond game You’re back on the offense. The Tunisian Diamond is on display in the museum, and it’s quite expensive! There are three different ways you can get the diamond and many more ways to fail.

Stealing the Diamond I am a traitor.I am a Play Game traitor. I am a games traitor.I risked the lives of all my passengers. I risked the lives of all my passengers. May I come closer? Walk! Stop! Right flank! Walk!Left flank! Right left right! Right left right left… Left right left right!Captain Mahmud!The cake.Go! Push!Push! You sit down here. Listen to me everybody! Nobody is allowed to speak with this guy! Look at him! You! Get up!I have to kill somebody or elseI’ll go crazy.Hurry.Dear passengerstoday is the birthday of ourstewardess Anna Maria.Come on blow! Come on applause. Bravo ! Happy birthday to you ! Come on smile.You must be very happy.Why are you crying? Smile! Smile!Sing the song!Yo! Yo! Shut up!Shut the fuck up! You sing the song!Louder! Happy birthday all!Snitch!I trusted you.I’ll take care of you later.Now we’re going to enjoy the cake.Well?I saw her through a crack inthe front door. How is she? What impression didshe make on you? She is well games. They are still arguing about it.It will work out. They refuse to let our guys in.They don’t want troublewith the Palestinians.And we will accept that? Yes.A nice piece of cake. Everybody have a glass of champagne.We relax! Enjoy! Come on guys Stealing the Diamond Gamesmile! Champagne cake happiness!It’s her birthday What is it? I don’t know.What happened? Stealing the Diamond

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