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. All right, we should give these guys a rest. That’s a great idea. Why don’t we camp here for the night? Whoa… My arse feels like it’s been pinched by a hundredpound lobster. I, too, am feeling your pain. Actually, no, it is my pain I’m feeling. I’ll set up the tents? No can do. Horses can only carry so much, so, claiming stakes rate higher than tents. Well, how did grub rate? I have these. A dying breed, died of flatulence. Good thing we’re not staying in tents, then. Oh, that’s really funny. He was supposed to bring back my pilot and mechanic, not bugger off! I think he just got swept away in the whole gold rush thing. I’m gonna sweep him into his next life if he doesn’t get his butt back here pronto. I’m sure he’ll be back in a couple of days. At the latest. What about tomorrow’s flight to Fort Smith he was so keen on? I’ll find somebody to cover it. No. You’ll do it. Deep Space Dash Everyone else is flying. Blake can copilot. Tomorrow is his day off. Yeah. Good luck with that. You’re not… Steampunk Tower Defense… Breakfast, boys! Let’s eat up and get out of here. Didn’t know you could catch sardines in this part of the country. I see that you’re in a better mood this morning. I had the most glorious sleep. I dreamed I was sleeping in a den, cuddled up next to a bear. Lucky you didn’t get your head chewed off. Hey! You seem a little jumpy. Did you not sleep well? I slept just fine. Just don’t… touch me. Damn delivery truck’s been delayed. Steampunk Tower Defense Guess that means we’ll be waiting for a couple hours for the cargo. Perfect. My day off, and now we’re going to be stuck for God knows how long. Doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks, Official Trailer. Well, we could grab a bite to eat at “He Left An Hour Ago.” What? The local watering hole. Best burgers in the north. And they got a pool table. Pool? No wonder he left. Okay, well, I’m going into town, and you can come if you want. What else am I going to do? You gotta relax in your saddle, Dev. Loosen your reins a bit. It is difficult to trust an animal who sleeps standing up. Careful. Horses can pick up on the attitude of their riders.

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