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Stinger Zed ;

Stinger Zed

I’m a driver and honestly the best out there.That’s his car.That’s him. Stop the car!Stop the car fuck! Stop the car!Let’s go games this guy’s crazy!Let’s go!Let’s go!The mayor wants me to stop this shit!And mewhat do I do?Look DoctorI’m not giving up on catching Nelsinho!Not even if my mother begs me on her knees!Things are getting complicatedand it’s gonna get ugly for you!You’re so intelligentand you behave like a moron!What makes you think he won’t kill you first?Things are changing around hereBoca is changingand it will change even more!Things will get tough my friend.The no man’s land is long gone!Get that in your head!Sit down Chief.- Do you Stinger Zed like my new business?- Beautiful.Neusago get the scotch for us.Go take a little walk.Here is half of the money.I’ll give you the rest when we set up the trap.To peace in Boca!Peace.And love!… online games through the left side. He tries to go in.He tries to pass to Manuelzinhoand then passes to Da Silva.From Da Silva to Beirute.Beirute advances almost inside the area….off the crossbar and it goes…Police hands up!Get out of the car.Hands on the car.Hands on the car.Spread your legs.Go Andrade search the car!Laércio saved it becausehe was well-positioned and in great shape.Joaquinzinho numberwill take a corner kick. Stinger Zed

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