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Street Guitarist ;

Dress up this Street Guitarist with fashion costumes and accessories to have a pleasant music show.

Wow you look so pretty. Street Guitarist What time did you tell yourlittle friend to come ?Mom.It’s almost now.What’s his name ? Malcolm.KnockingWant to help meset the table hmm ? Hi. I’m Malcolm Mallory. Hello.Come on in.Pleased to meet you Mr. Potter. I’m sorry. My name is Harry. How do you do ? Honey. Is Wendy’s little friend here yet ? Yes he is Street Guitarist.Oh…Hi.I’m sorry. Wendy didn’t tell me.Children seldom do Mrs. Potter.Please call me Anne.Malcolm ! Hello Wendy.As much as I love chocolate milkMrs. Potter….Thank you play game.You want a quick one before dinner ?Sure gin and tonic would be fine Harry.You’re….You’re Professor of English.You can forget the milk honey.He’s into gin and tonics.I brought a ah…note from my mother.That’s very good.Blues Magoos.Wow ! Haven’t seen one of those in years.Don’t tell anyone about it.It will show my age.So where’s your little boy ?Wendy tells me she has an older brother.Harry Jr. ?He had a fainting spell todayand he’s in sleeping.Nothing serious I hope.I hope not…I guess not.Maybe the excitement of the move.There you go Malcolm.Thank you.Welcome.Cheers !Cheers !Television That isn’t Spotour pet Nancy.That’s somethingthat looks like Spot…acts like Spoteven smells like Spot…but in realityit’s a Martian.You mean….Yes. Our dog is a pod personfrom the planet Mars.Actually after I got my degree…I wound up travelingwith the circus for a while.They needed a personto do some clown gags. I was good at acrobatics. Play Games The pay was good. Seemed like fun so….I always wanted to run away with the circuswhen I was a kid.You did ?Yep.Me too.Really ?Mmm…maybe notrun away.Maybe visit for a while.Read to us Malcolm.Maybe your parents wouldn’t….You promised !What’s she got youroped into Malcolm ?Your daughter has asked meto recite a prettylong piece.What does she want to hear ?The Faerie Queene.Heavy stuff squirt.Not so surprising.Her father is a very great writer.I’m not a great writer.We’re ready when you are Malcolm.Remember this was writtena long time agoWe know !We Know !”A gentle knightwas riding across the plain…”all clad in mighty arms and silver shield…”wherein old dintsand deep wounds did remain….”The cruel marks of many a bloody field.”Yet armies till that time did he never wield.”His angry steed did chide his foaming bit. Trolls Singingwith Galwain”Upon a great adventure he was bound…”that fairest Gloriana to him gave…”the greatest gloriousqueen of Faerie Land.” Galwain Free game Singing Softly”Now when that idle dreamwas to him brought…”unto that elfin knight…”he bade him fly…”where he slept soundlyvoid of evil thought…”and with false shewsabuse his fantasy.”SqueakingGalwain…it’s starting again.¶ Trolls SingingHorn BlowingChokingHoney are you all right ?Arms up.Horn Continues to blowGroaningSighingWell I guess that ought togive those little suckers somethingto think about.Television That may look likeyour canary Tweetymy dear…but it’s not Tweety.It may sing like Tweety…it may moltlike Tweety it may eveneat seed like Tweety…but it’s an alien.You mean….Yes.Your canary isa pod person fromthe planet Mars. From TelevisionFeeling better ?Sure Dad.Good morning sweetie.Good morning Wendy.Good morning.That’s mine.Now it’s mine.Wendy give Harry back his juice.No.Honey give Harryback his juice.Mommy will pour yousome of your own. See ? No. Wendy listen to your mother.Wendy Anne.That is a very bad girl.Wendy go to your room.But I’m hungry.Wendy.Wendy Anne you’re going to your room.Honey it’s onlya little juice.No Dad ! It’s okay.She’s probably not feeling good.Remember the move and all ?Look I don’t care about the juice.I promised Miss St. Clair I’d eat with her.Are you all right ?Yeah I’m fine.You sure ?Yeah.¶ Record PlayingGalwain Trilling With The MusicKnock on DoorTrilling StopsHarry.Come in Harry.Hi Eunice.Hello.How did you know it was me ?Oh I recognized theknock. It’s prepubescent.Eunice….Why are you here ?I don’t get you.You’re different aren’t you ?Oh yes I liketo think I am.No not like that.Look at all this stuff.It’s not normal.It’s all the thingsa kid would have.An adult wouldn’t haveneat stuff like this.I like all this stuff.I’ve had it for years.Hundreds I bet.You’re fishing kid.Eunice are you a witch ?What of it ?Why are you here ?I’m here becauseI have to be.¶ Doorbell ChimesJust a second. Doorbell Chimes AgainJust a secHi. Do you like flowers ? Online Game Yeah.These are for you.I picked them myself.Thanks a lot.They’re beautiful.So are you.Thanks.My name is Wendy Anne. I live downstairs.I’m Jeanette.That’s right.Can I get you somethingto drink or something ? Nope.Ooo…Be careful with that.That’s breakable. Be careful.This was you ? Uh Hah ! I was about your age then.You were pretty.Thanks I think. Beauty fades with age. What ? This is your suitor ? No Laughing . That’s my boyfriend.His name’s William. Yes I know.I’ve got an audition todayand I’ve got a lot to do so….If you want to hang around you can.I’ll be right in here.How did you become a witch ?I was a princess…and that seemeda pretty dull thing to beto me.A real princess ? No. A phony one.Of course a real princess.Anyway I fell in love witha handsome young wizard…named Torok.And since wewere going to be married…I thought it would be a good ideaif we had something in common. So I studied magic…Street Guitarist with a great old man named Galwain. I was a pretty good student too. Galwain Trilling Yes you were. Can you teach me to be a magician ?I could but I don’t thinkI’m going to have the time.Why not ? Are you going somewhere ?I don’t know kiddo.I just don’t know.You cook good pancakes.Laughing Thank you. They’re made from nosy kids. Galwan Trilling Yeah right.Aah how is your sister ? Street Guitarist

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