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Stunt Bike Deluxe ;

Stunt Bike Deluxe, Play Stunt Bike Deluxe, Online Stunt Bike Deluxe Games
Drive and control your stunt bike as you tilt and lean. Later levels are better than first!

You apologize and you do notand I emphasize “do not”…harass him again.Then go out and get yourself a lawyer.According to California Civil Code… Stunt Bike Deluxe can sue youfor this stunt you just pulled.And most likely he’ll win.He doesn’t have a right to be inthe apartment. He hasn’t paid rent!Are you listening to me? If he’s inhe’s got rights. That’s how it works.And I’ll tell you something else friend.If he decides to fight an eviction…you’re already knee-deep in shit.Get a lawyer.He’s taken possession.So whether he signed a lease…or whether he paid you money or not.he’s legally your tenant now.And he’s protected by lawsthat say you have to go to court…and prove that he deservesto be evicted.Howeverthe net effect of these laws…is to protectany pointy-headed cretin…who moves into your property…and slowly drives youbankrupt and insane.So what do we do?I can take on the case.What are our chances of winning?No guarantees.My base fee for an uncontested caseis $.We charge $ an hour thereafter…and a minimum of $for any court appearances.- How long will it take?- Uncontested six to eight weeks.- If he contests?- Six to eight months worst case.Then you have to go after himin court again to collect.Wouldn’t it be easierto throw him out?Easy and wrong.This is the process folks.There aren’t any shortcuts.I need a description of Hayesfor Mr. Revilla. my process server…and I need the keyto your front door.- Is Carter Hayes in?- No.I have some importantdocuments for him.Okay.All right.Get them shined get them shined.Buddy you need to get in that bankand get a loan.Look at them shoes.All right. Low-investment loansfor people like shoes like yours.Come. Get a good shine right here.I’ll put a glow on that sole.All right. Who’s next?Ladies in skirts half price.Come here sunshine.Get that half-price special right hereon Stunt Bike Deluxe.Get them shinedget them shined here.Shine them up shine them up.Where you going?All right. All right.Let me just guess what they said.”As much as we’d like to help youwe can’t afford to string out the loan.It wouldn’t be fair to usit wouldn’t be fair to you”.- Right.- They say the bank is pulling for you…that no one wants to foreclose a loan? They tell you that?That’s horse-puckey. Bankerspeak.So what do we do now Reed?I can loan you maybe a grandbut that’s not gonna help.It’s not gonna do it. There arealternative lenders you know…high-interest housesthat specialize in burying you.”Let a smile be your umbrella”.Great.- I could start riding again.- Oh that’s a good idea Patty.You’re pregnant with a blown knee.- You think you could ride in competition?- Wait. Are you pregnant?My knee is fine.And I don’t have to be pregnant.I’m not going to lose youI’m not going to lose our child…and I’m not going to lose our house.Well I guess we can juststop worrying now.Listen to this.”Dear Drake and Patty…I’m so sorry for the misunderstandingthat has come between us.Please accept this gift in my sincerehope that we can work everything out.Carter Hayes”.Here kitty kitty kitty.Mrs. Patty! Mrs. Patty!What? What Mrs. Watanabe? Stunt Bike Deluxe Kitchen! Kitchen!Okay okay okay.Okay okay.In here?What?Oh shit!Shit!The San Francisco roachis generally German…or oriental in derivation. With yourkrauts edging out your rice grinders…in the overall disgustingness factor.But I think these are American.How are we supposed to pay? We’re $ short this month!- Don’t yell at me.- Yankee roach…If we don’t do it MacDonald sayswe lose the eviction.We can’t afford that either.Maybe we should borrow money for this.No. No we’re notgonna borrow money. Stunt Bike Deluxe

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