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The Champions 3D The best World Cup Soccer 2010 game! Choose your preferred team and lead your champions through the 7 matches of the World Cup Soccer 2010. 

The Champions 3D Mum was shockedbut instead of apologizinghe was furious. He said we’re all delinquents.Bastion of the West… Hadrian’s Wallnow without a garrison. The barbarians are rampant. Play GameI am the only one left…to guard the border.  Lonely sentry… faithful to his oath.I shouldn’t be here…in the middle of these cowswho stink of fried foodin the middle of…these dirty southerners. Consultant. On the children’s ward. If Hitler had wonIf Hitler had wonthere wouldn’t be as many of us.If we had won yes…Such a fine castlering-a-ding-a-ree.What a fine castle…ring-a-ding-a-ra.And we… will bum it.Do you want to come with meprincess? Blockheads! Blockheads!Blockheads!- Do you know what I’ll do?- What?I’m not going to seethose blockheads. I don’t give a damn. They know where to find me.Here.It can’t get any darker than midnight.Blockheads. Blockheads.Blockheads. The grown-upswould never believe us. Play… screw.Play Games… screw. Play The Champions 3D … screw. I’d like my illustrious colleaguesto tell me why they think.


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