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The Soul Driver ;

The Soul Driver, Play The Soul Driver Game, Flash The Soul Driver Games online Grab your hat, get into your car, flee the police force and reach the Mexico

The Soul Driver Say good night and run inside Because that my friend is when They all come out again Oh yes right now is when The vampires dance The vampires dance. Boo! Yeah! Play game What? I’m just showing my appreciation. online game We welcome you friends and potential blood donors. And while we are mere performers be warned. If you fear the sight of a real living vampire please leave now. That’s our cue. [BOTH WHIMPERING] [BRAM LAUGHS] Too late. And now for the first time on any stage we shall attempt the unheard of The Vampire’s return from the grave. [LAUGHS] Wow he’s very good. Don’t you guys think he’s good? Like good? Behold the ancient talisman of the immortal blooddrinkers. Take heed for the mortal world shall soon be invaded. [ALL CHANTING IN ANCIENT TONGUE] Blackest rose wolf and bane Bats and crows. That spell is from the ancient book of vampire. These jokers are playing with supernatural fire. [CHANTING CONTINUES] [GASPS] What the…? [GUARD YELLS] [ACTORS SHOUT INDISTINCTLY] It’s working? [ALL snum] Uh… Uh… [GRUNTS] This is bad. This is very bad. [GRUNTING] That’s not Henry. Oh no. Next year we’re going to Miami. Yeah. I was getting ready before the show when I was attacked by that vampire. Are you sure? Unless you know someone else with massive fangs and glowing green eyes. I guess he put me under some sort of spell and I passed out. That resurrection chant was from the ancient book of vampire. Where on earth did you learn it? Um the Internet. Well I am afraid you may have unleashed an unholy terror upon us all. Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet. Yeah I’m sure this nice young man… Uh I didn’t get your name. Oh. Bram. And you are? [CHUCKLES] Bram. I mean Daphne. I’m not Bram you are. Hahaha. Oh. What were we talking about? We were saying we don’t know for sure that Valdronya escaped from his tomb. Oh. Uh we should check that out. You kids go ahead. I’ll stick around here to have a word with the actors. You guys can’t hide forever. Games Care to try us? No. Let’s go. The Soul Driver. GUARD Unh. He’s been bitten. Hmm. Maybe. Or… VELMA We’ve got bigger problems. Unh. This lid is still sealed tight. Well that vampire couldn’t have just walked through the glass. [GLASS SHATTERS] [MAN LAUGHING] The vampire queen’s jewels are gone. Jinkies. [BOTH GASP] [VAMPIRE LAUGHS THEN SCREECHES] DAPHNE Duck! No bat! Such beauty and innocence… …with the countenance of a queen. My queen. Your queen? Game I don’t think so. [VALDRONYA GRUNTS] [The Soul Driver] [SNARLS] Yeah there’s no such thing as real vampires until now. There’s a beast on the loose a spawn of the netherworld. I say it’s time we shut this foul fair down for the good of the community. Uh set it up over there by that rabble rouser. Hello Kelly Smith from KDTV Action News. Looks like someone spilled the beans about our escaped vampire. The audience thought it was all part of the show. Hope you’re not implying my performers I leaked it. You? But.. This could be just the thing we need to boost attendance. Ah. They do say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. That’s the spirit. Now which would you say is my good side? The Soul Driver I am so relieved that none of you kids were hurt last night. Not physically but the mental wounds run deep. Yeah run deep. Those foolish actors have no idea the monster they’ve set loose. We can’t be certain this is their doing. Or that we’ve got a real vampire on our hands. Did you check the museum’s security system? Yep the cameras recorded nothing. System’s on the fritz but I just can’t afford to fix it right now. Let’s say it is a real vampire. How did he escape that sealed tomb? A living vampire can transform into mist. All it would need is a tiny gap in the glass. This could all be a diversion to steal those jewels. Just saying. GUARD Oh what a night. Thanks for letting me sleep here boss. No problem Daniel. I hope you’re feeling better. Neck’s a little sore but other than that… [BOTH SCREAM] The bite of the beast. He could turn batty any second. Doubtful. If he had been bitten by a vampire could he survive this? Sunlight makes a vampire explode. Wow gorgeous day outside. Huh? He didn’t crumble to dust. He could be one of the rare few with an antibody resistant to vampire venom. Or he wasn’t bitten at all. Those look more like blisters than bites. When you were attacked did it feel like… …oh I don’t know a thousand volts of electricity? Uh actually yeah. How’d you know? I volunteer at the police academy on weekends. If there’s one thing I know it’s Taser burns. [GRUNTING AND YELLING] That tickles. Pretty good detective work pal. Thanks. Well we also found your Taser lying on the ground next to you. I must’ve tripped and zapped myself. Huh. Weird. I’d better go put that in my report. That explains the bite marks but how do you explain the vampire? So many questions. It’s quite the conundrum. A real whodunit. We’ll need to put our heads together on this one. Uhoh. I know where this is going. Yep I’d say we’ve got a real live boney fide mystery on our hands. Eyewitness accounts aside… …we’ve had no confirmation of the supposed vampires’ existence… …from anyone associated with the fair. LITA You want confirmation? No one is safe. I’m here to tell you from firsthand experience… …that vampires bite. So much for keeping this on the downlow. [SINGING] Gather ’round hear me now Listen up ’cause I vow There’s a vampire roaming the night He had wings and a snout With these fangs hanging out That can rip and can tear when they bite He flew down from the skies With those red glowing eyes And he smiled and I knew in a sec He had come there for me ‘Cause he leaped up in glee Then he pounced And he bit me on the neck [CROWD GASPS] Yes I screamed and cried out “It’s a vampire!” I escaped and ran into the light I held up one of these And we all saw him freeze Then he shrieked in the night And flew off out of sight Be advised and be scared Be alert be prepared Buy this garlic we have here on sale Gel a charm for your neck We lake cash we lake check And ship free COD through the mail How ’bout this vampire spray? It keeps dandruff away Sold in tonic and lotion or mist Here these potions we make And this big wooden stake At a price that you just can’t resist We lake MasterCard Visa and Chase Not Discover We’re open till every night Not on Sunday In bulk any size Then our discount applies So invest in the best Bring ID or a check And buy one of each Maybe two what the heck You can’t be loo safe When protecting your neck From the vamp The vampire’s bile The Soul Driver Looks like Lita’s little press conference was good for business. BOYS [IN UNISON] Aah! Vampire! Where? Where? Fred don’t tell me you’re buying into the hype. [CHUCKLES] Of course not. Want a bite of this garlic pizza? It has magical protective powers. [LAUGHING] Having a vampire on the loose is the best thing that’s ever happened to this festival. Hasn’t boosted my book sales.

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