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.   Thrill Rush 2 I don’t know if she understands words yet. Anyway, I can’t go jump off a bridge. I got a baby now. Oh, sweet, you made breakfast turtles. That’s a good batch, too. It’s going to give her hamandegg tapases a run for their money. How’d the second night of sleeping go? She cried a few times, but she settled down once I got in the crib with her. You got in the crib with her? For a little bit, yeah. Why, is that weird?  It’s a little weird.  It’s a lot weird. Well, I can’t just let her cry. I’m pretty sure she already hates me. She never smiles. Yeah, I notice that. I was making funny faces at her last night for, like, an hour. Nothing. Ahh. Maybe she’s just a bitch. She’s not a bitch. Ahh. How do you know? She’s the daughter of a serial killer. Some of that evilness has to be hermeditary. Hey, where’s Mike’s tent? Here. “Guys, met a chick, joined a cult. Later.” Again? I think he’s serious this time. He shaved his head. Not just his head. With your cousin Games gone, I’m going to need you to work twice as hard today. You might want to eat an extra turtle. Oh, crap, work. I didn’t even think about work. What am I supposed to do with the baby? Well, you’ll figure it out, man. Your mother and I both worked when we had you. {a}twenty years ago. See you tonight, Thrill Rush 2. I used to sit in front of this thing for hours. I’d pretend the deer’s parents left him in the woods to stare at me while they went to work. I’m sure that’s what the deer’s parents would have done if they’d had to. Thrill Rush 2 I’ll just have to take Hope to work with me. People do that, right? Bring their babies to work? Yeah. I feel like I’ve seen that. Morning, GAme. Gonna see if the milkman has come yet. I’m not your dead husband, Games. Whoa, hey. I thought I talked to you about this. You can’t smoke around the baby. Thrill Rush 2, smoke rises. She’s not going to be tall enough to breath it for a long time. Why don’t you just quit? What? When we were young, I thought it made you look like. Dirty Sandy at the end of Grease, but the older I get, the less I’m enjoying the taste of your mouth.

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