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To Be a Little Chef ;

To Be a Little Chef, To Be a Little Chef game
What was it you wanted to talk about? It was nothing.Nothing in particular. The diary.OK.Thanks. Thank you.  I’m glad you came over. Hey.  Wait.No nothing.Tell me.I just thought you mightlike to meet again.I don’t mean it in that way.I know I’m married and have a child!I didn’t mean it in that way.No no.Sure.Meet up. Yeah.There’s no need to.Pretend to be asleep that is.Let it take it’s time.I’m here.But Tove.Is she here? To Be a Little Chef  How do you mean?We never talk about her.You never talk about her. What do you want me to say?Anything.How she didn’t get why anyone would eatketchup or why rooms needed cleaning.Or the way she sounded when she laugheduntil she lost her breath.Or the way she smelt after practicea bit warm and sweet and musty.That she existed!She’s disappearing. Can’t you tell To Be a Little Chef ? Maybe it’s not as easy for me.What? To talk about her.I’m sorry.Even if I could how would thatchange things? She’s gone. Such is life whether we like itor not. For everyone.One day we’re hereand the next we’re gone.But we’re still here you and I.

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