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Treasure Tower Trouble ;

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Control : <-  ^ ->  Z=Jump

. Treasure Tower Trouble Are you a citizen of the Colony?Yes.How long takes and stay of?Three days. What business you in Treasure Tower Trouble?Thank you.What? Three days. Yes. Thank you.He is!What the hell? Everyone on earth!Alert all units!How passed the scanner gun?I passed.Great. Back! Back! Pull! A is going forward. I move the up! Climb! Now!I can not believe. You are!I recognize you? I do not know. You know who I am? I’ve searched everywhere. Then you suddenly appeared on police radar . Damn it! Stay least.Thi really do not remember me?I.Do you know the face but…Does not matter. Do you explain to me everything.This air crew. We have a visual. Suspect going north on Highway .Treasure Tower Trouble!Who?Is my wife.Are you married?We despãrþiþi. Lead you!Suspect is heading to the third level of the passage.air the crew! Go east towards Wellington Street.I want to encounter there. Have you heard?Incoming!All air units will start by Wellington. We barricades in the .Dispatch all units I want to stay on positions. Direcþionaþi it to the barricades!Let’s not place to escape. You understand?Incoming!All units to remain in positions. Warning! Magnetic suspension can not be disabled when the vehicle is operational. What are you doing?Put Thi belt.Warning! Magnetic suspension can not be deactivated when the vehicle… We have the vehicle in sight. We attack?You can attack!Thi you put the belt?Wait! Ready! Damn!Welcome! All systems are operational.key ! Record this message as a safety measure. If you see this means you’re in shit up to the neck. But the good news is that you’re here. I do not mean that instinct in the wrong. Deep inside you’re still you. My name… Your name… … Is Carl Hauser. Do my bag! Registration has limited capabilities for interaction. Rephrases the question.Working for Matthias?Yes. But I never met. May no one met him. I received a direct order from Cohaagen me to infiltrate the resistance and Matthias to kill him. Then… I had a woman. And I opened my eyes. And I have shown that resistance to fight for. Not against resistance.Meaning for terrorists.Listen! Most of the resistance are not terrorists. Will equal the colony. Will freedom. Bombings are arranged Cohaagen FUB. Believe me I was commander. I know that I can skin! Why and would attack their own people? Not understand. To justify building an army of androids. Not understand? Will invade the colony. Treasure Tower Trouble no longer living space. Cohaagen will eradicate the entire colony and will rebuild. Androids will replace workers. Innocent people will die. But we can stop it.November .What can I do? It’s a way to stop all soldiers. There is a code of destruction. It’s a long and complex sequence but I saw it. It means that I still have in memory… You Mayof the memory. Matthias will know how to draw. I have to go to him! Is our only chance to stop the invasion. Listen to one who knows you better than you know are you on you. I know you can succeed! I wrong in my life more. This is my chance and make something good. Millions of people rely on you. Good luck buddy! I think the jokes and you!I can not think of something like this!You wrong that you came here.

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