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Truck Loader 2 ;

Truck Loader 2, Play Truck Loader 2 Game, Online Truck Loader 2. Your goal is, again, to load boxes into a truck in a certain order. The Loader has some new tricks up his sleeve, and the warehouse has evolved into an obstacle course.

He’s got hundreds of numbers. He won’t try to report us. No maybe not Truck Loader 2. But his father. If he gossips… What will he report us for? Attempted kidnapping for example.Oscar go see if they are still there. But Uncle… Now do as I say.If he’s there tell him very friendly and relaxed That there is a rare car in the parking lotand whether he wants its number.Get moving when Truck Loader 2 tells you to.I’ll go with you Oscar. There’s the cops Uncle George! Stop it damn it Truck Loader 2.Let’s pretend we’re not here.Give me a ride! Stop it! Don’t make fun of something like that. There’s limits. They left when we arrived.Of course. That how it is when dealing with amateurs.Here I come with a great idea so you can get out of the dung. What happens then. You may well have a bad day.I’m hungry.We must get hold of the notebook. No matter what it takes. I can’t bear to look at it. Should we ask if we can have some?It’s not decent to not share when you have something.Some are rich and others poor. It’s damn unfair. Can’t you figure out something uncle? Of course. Relax. Truck Loader 2 you run up to the front door call and ask about something.That’s how we’ll get her away from the table.She needs to walk through the house. Games will skip in and borrow a little of everything.What should I ask?What time it is if she has any old newspapers…Get going! There’s homemade pfruit salad…And roast beef with remoulade .Smoked salmon and prawn salad for me thanks.Now he’s there.Time for departure. You have seconds. What if there’s a dog? Then we sprint.I don’t have any more. Can I have a soda? I think so. Want a banana? No thanks I’ll be eating soon. Well. So bon apatite.Give me a meatball.Damn! Cool Bertram! Here take a meatball.Boys now we go to a place where there is peace and tranquility.And then we will plan ahead.”The millionaire Family de Mille again hosts a big carnival in their home”.”More than a hundred known and unknown guests are invited”. What did you say? That’s what it says here in the newspaper.Well… it’s brilliant! You’re going to a carnival. I want to be a pony. Forget it. We don’t have anything to dress up in. Well just wait and see. Don’t you think your uncle can fix that?Here! Coat and hat.Do you remember last Halloween? You were dressed up as fine rich people.This evening you will be dressed as fine rich people who are dressed as poor people.It is too thick. No one will ever believe that.Three pups from Play games who aren’t even invited.You’re wrong. It is not three children.It’s one adult and one child. Should me and game wait here? No the car is our escape.Since none of you can drive my car I must unfortunately stay ready.How do you get one adult and one child then?Quite simple. You are strong are you not Oscar? Check if you can walk with Anders on your shoulders.Yeah like that. And then this.Yes… yes.And then the hat.Yes yes. Wonderful wonderful!You look like a tall man. It’s quite natural. We might as well drop the whole thing. Why? What’s wrong? Truck Loader 2 saw play game. He’ll recognize him.No!

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