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. Truck Loader 4 with change our view of our own arab neighbors. on the on the universe. but then question will be well car we related to that are we all. saying stuff mean sagan said so well. Truck Loader 4 were all made a star stuff and we are. mike is about to make contact. humanity’s greatest discoveries. one billion planet bike attempts to communicate with life forms received. intelligence. gossip but as i is very weak ties. it has tentacles by which you can manipulate the enviroment but it has no. culture it cannot transmit information from generation to generation. but if you call it breed the octopus for millions of years perhaps you could read. octave plus with the capability of speech. the capability of hate that information. and perhaps even all race another race of intelligent beings on the planet. earth so the bottom line is why should an alien life form look just like s. the. my. this billion could have usually destroyed pro. instead get waits for election next election. tonight projects numeric symbols. gillian seems ready to respond. home. the. part one is a test to determine if this gillian creature can conceptualize and. is therefore intelligence. uh… clashes three symbols. daily response correctly four slash his response triggers nineteen to deliver. the rest of the message there. god. minister in charge of sin. it was a characters to assess the draft. eyes. c_-one hundred sixty days into their own formation. the last recorded the image of light and leo. be sent to the bond bronze. computers play and replay the data for the next Truck Loader 4. interpretation of this profound sense. beyond the scope of its artificial intelligence software. to evaluate the four significance of our first extraterrestrial contact. requires human intelligence. Truck Loader 4 of research. the piece is beginning to forget. a. scientists called retrieves. u_s_ sapiens life forms with intelligence possibly similar to that of. burly man. via sapiens appear to be highly mobile and airborne navigate with organic. thrusters and a large delicate bag of nothing for left.

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