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Turbo Kids, Play Turbo Kids Game, Flash Turbo Kids Games , Earn coins by doing combos and unlocking achievements and use them to upgrade power-ups. After completing the championship, try your skills in marathon mode!

Turbo Kids The songs do get stuck in your head. Tell us about it. Well I don’t hear Velma complaining. Did you say something? Oh are we still listening to show tunes? You all complain now but I bet you’ll be singing along in no time.. You hear that game? Turbo Kids Yeah. So kids you ever going to reveal our secret vacation destination? Not till we get there. You guys are going to love it. Just as long as they’ve got plenty of sunshine. There is only one thing Turbo Kids and I are hoping for this vacation. [SINGING] I don’t want no more ghouls Or nothing scary No apparitions giving me a fright Don’t want nothing that I need to bury Or creatures that go bumping in the night No poltergeists and nothing supernatural No giant beast That sneaks up from behind [BOTH LAUGH] No ghosts that rattle chains Or things that eat your brains No banshee witch That scares me out of my mind We’re finally on vacation And going someplace new Turbo Kids Rest and relaxation ALL Is all we’re going to do play game. I don’t want no zombies or kooks My friends we’re finally done With all them goblins and spooks .. That kept us on the run We’re going to be cool as cukes Our monster days are through

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