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.  Turbo Santa 2 I told him to call me if he came across any decent furnaces. Well, is this decent enough for you? He’s got a  year old Oil O Matic. Mint condition,  bucks. He’ll even throw in free installation, and he’ll bring it by in the morning. Doesn’t  years old mean used? What difference does it make? It’s an Oil O Matic. The kind Gene Autry sings about on the ads. Turbo Santa 2. My, oh, my. Kiss furnace nursing Bye, goodbye. Excuse me. Go ahead, live it up! It’s your last night on earth! Okay, Turbo Santa 2 Fire it up. My God. Listen to that. Please don’t make me go back there. I’m begging you. Oh, honey, a good space cadet follows orders. Play your cards right, he might let you hold the pole today. Who cares? He’s never gonna catch a fish. What’s with him? Oh, he’s just excited. So have they finished? Listen. Huh? It hums. I don’t hear anything. It’s there. Trust me. You don’t hear it because you don’t hear it. Six months later he’d have these two in small claims court. But no matter. It was time to savor the moment. You’re right. I can hear it.   No, no, no. Don’t patronize me.   I can.   There’s a hum.   You’re darn right there is. It’s the hum of success. Heh, heh. Let’s roll, Turbo Santa 2 Time to hit the hole.   What is it? What did you do?   My tooth. Ow!   Uh oh, you broke a filling.   My tooth. Honey, can you go it alone today? I don’t think there’s a choice, I guess. I’m sorry. I’ll bring you some soup later. But right now I need to get Randy to Dr. Strassen. Dr. Strassen? No, no, no. I’m fine. I’m great.   Let’s go fishing.   All right. Let’s go fishing.   Come here.   No! No, I don’t wanna go. Dad needs me. I don’t wanna go with you.   Fishing is a rite of manhood. No!   No! No, not Dr. Strassen! Randy!   The boy wants to go fishing! This is green. We don’t do green.   Wait, what’s the problem?   Yellow tray, pink ship. He never said nothing about green. You know what this means, right? We gotta close the store. Say it ain’t so, Schwartzie, not the green! All right, calm down. We’ll go find out. Well, you know what they say Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Not again. You three, come with me.   Quickly.   Huh? There’s been a bit of an incident at the North Pole.   We’ve lost the elves.   But our tubes. Nuts to your tubes. Come on. Ho, ho, ho! And what do you want under the tree this Game morning? Bobby wants a new swing set? Well, isn’t that nice. You know what Santa wants? A wife who doesn’t hike up her skirt every time a salesman comes calling. And neither of us are getting what we want. Go on, get out of here. Next. Ho, ho, ho! Come on up. Now, just get them on his lap and get them off. What happened to the real elves? They tried to start a union. Now go on, keep that line moving. Go, go, go! Extra! Extra! I don’t wanna go! No! Stop, he’s evil! He’s a wonderful dentist.   Turbo Santa 2. The most feared name in Lake County known to every kid in Hohman as the Butcher of Berwyn Avenue.   Somebody help! No!   Oh, Randy! The Butcher had a drill he pedaled with his foot. The Butcher had little use for such newfangled novelties as Novocain.

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