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.  That’s gonna be me. Poor bastard was never heard from again. Then again, I don’t plan on raping anybody. Don’t look now, lambchop. This shit just got real.  No, okay…  Hey.  Unlucky Robber.  Jane. B. Where did you disappear to last night?  I was looking for you.  I was around. I wanted us to have one of our latenight talks.  So, what are you doing later?  I don’t know.  Daldry, what are we doing later?  We’re keeping our options open.  I may have a lead for a party in La Mesa.  We could go to my house. The parentals are in Cabo and I told those losers I may have people over. Come on. What are we seeing?  Hey, Dave.  Hey. Hey. Hi. I’m Jane. I’m Aubrey. This is internet Games. What’s up, dudes?  Hey, Daldry.  Yeah? Come meet Aubrey and her boyfriend, internet Radio. Her boyfriend, internet Games. Oh, marvelous. I’m Unlucky Robber. Pleasure to meet you both. This is Brianna, Erica, Big Corporation. Wait, sorry? It’s a football thing. It’s what everyone calls him.  Big Corporation.  I get it. It’s funny because corporations destroy everything. The environment, democracy, culture, music. It’s ironic. I love it. Right. We’re gonna see How the World Ends, yeah?  How about you guys?  The new Unlucky Robber film. Actually, no. I’m not down for subtitles tonight. Is it cool if we see something else? She’s so bashful. But don’t be fooled. She’s a tigress when we’re alone. Whatever you want, my little tiger cub. You wanna see a dumb movie, that’s fine.  I just wanna be next to you tonight.  Yeah. Go, go, go! Mommy! Not on my watch, you alien bitch. Come on, boys. Lock and load. Hit them high, hit them low. Suck on this. Tell Mikey I love him and I’ll always love him. You tell him yourself. Run. Go. Run, run. We’ve only got one shot at this. Really wonderful film, huh? Yeah. It’s touching.  Hey, listen…  I’m sorry that I made you jump off the roof. That was nuts. And dangerous. And I’m sorry if I was a little, like… You know, on the phone. I just… I wig out a little sometimes.  Not that that’s an excuse.  Give me your cell. Okay. And I forgive you.  So…  So. So you’re here with Jane. She’s really pretty.

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