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Vanessa Hudgens Style ;

Vanessa Hudgens Style

Vanessa Hudgens Style That is a good questionbecause you knowyou are assuming it actually existswhich I am starting to believeit probably does not exist.I’m really oscillating betweenthinking it is clearly thereand then thinking noit’s not going to turn up is it? Yeah I don’t knowI think I have decidednot to have a strong opinion.I keep trying not to.In almost every wayI think it would be more excitingto prove it doesn’t exist. Yeah it would be Vanessa Hudgens Style alonger-term bigger result I thinkthe negative result wouldhave a longer-term bigger impactbecause it would reallyput us back to the drawing board.On the other hand in theshort-term it’d be disappointingbecause a positive resultis positive.You’d like to see that.I don’t think that’s true at all.I think a negative resulteven in the short-termwould be more exciting.It’s the opposite of whatpeople expect right? It’s like… It’d be a lot more fun.The experimental physicistshere at CERN Vanessa Hudgens Style have already put some of the ideasof their colleaguesthe theorists to the test and notall the results have been positive.It’s a whole bunch of theoreticalmodels and papers. There’s been a bonfire of themsince the LHC started.There are whole swathesof potential speculationthat are now pointless.They’re obviously a dead endbecause the data says this.But what’s at stake with the Vanessa Hudgens Style Higgsisn’t just one particlehowever elusive or any old theory.The Higgs is the cornerstone for themost successful and all-encompassingdescription of how our universeworks that there is.Working this beautiful model outhas been one of the greatachievements of theoretical physicsand Frank Wilczek was oneof the key contributors.Hi. Welcome. Come in.Yeah that’d be great thank you.I’ll show you our libraryliving room trophy room.A lot of puzzle books most of whichI’ve worked through.I’m a big puzzle man.Here are the awards and trophiesthat have found their way here.This is the Nobel Prize medal andhere’s one for you. Thank you.Are these ones edible?Yes more or less. AnywayI intend to eat one.And…..you’ll notice that…..not only in this room buteverywhere there are little toys.A lot of what I dois really just play.I mean I play with the equationsideas.HE LAUGHSAnd all that puzzling won Franka Nobel prizefor his contributionto what’s calledthe Standard Model OfElementary Particles.Well what have we got here? Vanessa Hudgens Style It looks like an instrumentof torture for the mind.The Standard Model is essentially anunderstanding of how all the game piecesof the universe fit togetherexcept for gravity.A mind-boggling project.This is going to be a hell ofa puzzle to figure out.All right. Now a promising start.HE LAUGHS’ We think the Standard Modelcontains all you need’in principle to describehow molecules behave’all of chemistry how stars workall of astrophysics.’Not only how things behavebut what can exist.’ These are the rules of the game.’The ingredients of the Standard Model are of three basic games sorts. There’s what you mightbroadly call matter.That’s sort of lumps of stuff thathave a certain degree of permanenceand these areon the one hand quarks. They include the building blocksof protons and neutronsand atomic nuclei And leptons.The most prominent leptonin everyday lifeis certainly the electron.So those are matter particles. On the other side we have whatyou might call force particles

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