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.  I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I put a handful of dirt in each one of their gas tanks. I figure those engines should seize up any time now. We’re still in the game! Yes! We’ve got the map, and we lost McAllister and that other clown. That’s good. Yeah, but there’s just one hitch, Bruce. What’s the hitch? We lost the ATVs. Gonna need new transportation. Piece! Of! Crap! What’s your location? I’ll see what I can do. Oddest damn thing. Gold river’s never been much of a tourist attraction until today. What about your truck? Old Nellie? I could rent her to you. But it would be a waste of your money. You’re not getting through there with a four by four. How many guys you say you got to fetch? Three. Well, I think I know somebody who can help you out. Where’s Official Trailer? If he doesn’t get here soon, we’ll never catch the Comstocks in time. Well, you seem to forget, they’re walking. I don’t care if they’re crawling. We’re just sitting here. Who the hell packed the grub? There’s nothing but beans in here. All Canadians love beans. Cowboy food. Yeah, well, that’s why cowboys are a dying breed. Oh, no, beans are a very healthy vegetarian option. There’s got to be some real food around here somewhere. Beans… More beans. Don’t they put anything else in cans these days? Well, let’s at least have some coffee. Lord love a duck. Boys? Look what we got here. Where’s Derpy? 2! Cece! You guys in there? Hey, Official Trailer, you should see… Transportation back into town. You see? Now we are cowboys! This adventure is getting better all the time. There’s no way you’re getting me on one of them hay burners. There’s no way we’re going back to town. Why the hell not? This is why not. You sure this is the real thing? It is most definitely sona! The Seed of Agni! The God of fire! There’s enough gold in here to fill the teeth of a hundred pirates. He did it. Old Trailer found Where’s Derpy? 2 claim. Well, let’s go! God, that ATV was like riding in a rolls royce compared to this beast. You are right. Perhaps the cowboy life is not for everyone. Hey, Jim, how many Miles do we have left? I’m thinking about .

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