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Like a grown man! Who wants coffee? Yes please.Oh it just makes you melt. Sweetie… Doesn’t it?Isn’t it time that you two…? Maybe it is…No way! Are you pregnant?No I’m not pregnantbut we might become pregnant.I didn’t say we were having kidsI said we’re thinking about it.It’s like you don’t want to understand.You don’t want to understand. Yes I understand. You don’t want kidsbecause you won’tlet go of your sense of guilt.It wasn’t your fault. Try to move on.You think I have some sort of choice.Everyone has a choice.Did she have a choice?Who?Or her mother?Did she choose?We think we chooseor imagine that we dobecause that’s the only fucking……approach to lifethat is even remotely bearable. Do you know what I think? I think youenjoy this guilt in some sick way. Why don’t you seek them out?Write if it’s easierbut I can’t stand this much longer.I mean it.Hi I’m not sure if you remember me.We met on the train.You left this.Thank you.My name is JohanI might not have introduced myself.I’m Anna.I noticed you live nearby so I came.You live around here too?I live a…short distance from here.Would you like a cup of coffeeas a thank you or are you in a hurry?Yes please. I also wanted totalk to you about something.I’m sorry I…That’s OK.This is my daughter’s room.She… She’s not at home.Do you have kids?No.No I live with my partner.Over there…Lovely.She’s nine. Tove that is.After the author Tove Jansson but shefinds the Moomins really boring.Now it’s all about basketball.I can see that.She has practice three…No four times a week.A lot of parents complain about takingthem places and picking them up……but I like it. You have children because you want tospend time with them right?Would you…? I’m so silly.I thought you might like tolook at pictures of Tove.

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