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OK. Oh, right! Here. Young Magic! Hope you win. My honeymoon! Please, God! SORRY Too bad. Be careful. Holes aren’t for eating. They’re for filling. That lonely hole in your heart, this kitten will surely fill it up. Later, buddy! We’re going on a trip, guys! Those famous new York donuts were really good. But to be honest, the donuts Grandma made when I was little were many times better. They were all different sizes, and the sugar wasn’t applied evenly. That would have made them class C donuts. But for me, regardless of what anyone says, Grandma’s donuts were much better. But I can never eat them again. Whatever someone thinks is special, I’m sure that’s what’s best. “Games Rent-a-New Games! ” Ha! You made a great hook! There’s nothing like cold somen noodles in the summer! Hey guys! You wanna eat? Hello. “On a summer’s day” “Eating somen by herself” “What a pointless life” Mind your own business! The flowers are red The sky is blue I’ll never forgive that old hag! I want to get married. Oh, is that so? I’ll be right there. Hello and welcome to Games Rent-a-Car. Hello. Oh! I’ve been waiting! What? Actually, I rented a car for the first time. Seeing you zoom away made me want to take a drive, too. It’s strange, but even after working here for years, not even once had I ever rented a car! Then I did the drawing, and I won the trip to Hawaii! I leave tomorrow. So I’m going to leave this girl with you. She’s a real good-luck New Games! Thank you so much! Will you let me rent a New Games again when I get back? See you soon! Then again, if I went to Hawaii, who would feed the New Gamess? Who would clean their litter boxes? So I guess my honeymoon will be a one-night stay. Maybe I’ll just go to a hot spring! Alright everyone, let’s vote. Stay with dry food or switch to canned food? Show of hands, please. Who wants dry food? Who wants canned food? Really? Young Magic So you don’t mind either way? Master Utamaru, you’re really OK with either one? Come on, guys. Don’t just settle for anything. Take a firm stand and assert yourselves! There’s nothing more ridiculous than being indifferent! Come on.

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