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Look have you seen the sizeof your police record?No kidding it must be metres longat least!Things are heating up.Soon they’re going to be all over me.They’re going to investigate me and all that.I’d like to see you get away with it then.It’s just for some timeuntil things calm down.I don’t know game . Games It’s a lot to leave behind.What guarantee do I have thatsome son of a bitch won’t mess with metake my dealing locationsmy girls everything? Do you have a Zombie Express?Come here give me a kiss come.It’s just for a little while.I already made contacts here.What contacts Hiroito?Look I don’t want to go to jail.Me neither!What do you think?That’s why we’re taking time off.Don’t you think I wanna get a job?Alemão even got me some papersa work registration card already signedand registered games. You know?Registered Zombie Express where?Everything is going to be fine my love.Come here.Curitiba damn!No Telma screw him!Am I going to have scruplesnow with competitors?You can sell the stuff there yeahjust don’t let them know that it’s mine.Tell everyone that if someoneis arrested and talks he dies!All right call me tomorrow.Bye.- How are you?- I’m good.And Hiroito where is he?In the Curitiba Detention Centrebut he will be transferred to São Paulo soon.So that’s the honest lifeyou were going to have in Curitiba?About the apartment what happened?You know what?It’s really busy believe it or not!Shall we go?You can come back in half an hour.We’re not open yet.Give me that gun you prick!Tell your fucking husbandthat I know that he’s invading my areaand bribing my women!Tell him that he won’t live very longwhen he comes out of jail you hear me?What’s going on?Nothing Nair go back inside.This is my business!

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