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.   Even as a ghost you’re fussy You used to be on my back to tidy my desk Red bean jelly It tastes delicious. Daddy used to hate it So I never bought it We couldn’t have it because of him Now that he’s gone we can enjoy it Just seeing it he’d start a fuss So the boss is like that? Don’t discuss this in front of a subordinate He disliked onion too Although he was forbidding me to dislike anything Yui, don’t you have class today? Students nowadays are lazy That’s so true Beware, mentioning his name he might well be floating around listening He liked so much to meddle into other’s business. Excuse me for that Miwako When did you last wipe here? The cleaning is so much easier now Dad was so finicky That’s right. Like “When did you last wipe here?” I remember. Aren’t you relieved that I’m gone? That’s how it looks like. Is that really the case? But still Now that he’s not on my back. I can’t get myself to do anything. I’m starting to regret his benevolent guidance I’ll be studying in my room Miwako There, there. Whatever was said, you two love each other. You had beautiful years Maybe I should try that bean jelly Coming. Delivery service. Yes, very much Please. a delivery from Hoshino Farm Who could that be? Well anyway. Please sign here Thank you for coming Thank you very much. What did you mean by “Well anyway”? You don’t accept something from a stranger You exercise no caution Especially as the widow of a police officer You have no idea either? None You think it’s alright to open it? Just be careful. Zombie HeroShe opened it She did Oh dear Delicious looking grape Really, you are carefree You could eat something that comes from god knows where. Aren’t you happy golucky Boss Isn’t this from your son? Hiroshi? What’s got into you?. But check the address. It’s addressed to your name It means the sender ignores that you have passed It has to be your son But, why send grape? I don’t know. Anyway we could inquire at that farm. They would certainly know where he lives Even if we knew. Now, there’s nothing we can do He finished college and started working.  but soon quit for no reason If you can’t apply yourself to that much. What are you going to do? Zombie Hero Going to the office every day. taking orders, this is not a life I don’t need anyone’s help I’ll manage on my own You really think you’ll get away with that attitude I think I will Do as you please. I’ll do as I please. Then I should have been a good father. and kept trying to persuade him And now he resents me But you stayed as a ghost because of your son, right? And precisely because I’m a ghost.  there’s nothing I can do He can’t see me, he can’t hear me It’s OK, we can ask Games. Games will convey your feelings But consider this It’s not a farm next door. It’s in Yamanashi Prefecture We’re not taking Games to such a distant place. He’d be alone in transportations Right. Even if we travel along people still think he’s on his own Just give up the idea Be reasonable now and go home All right? Isn’t what I always say? Enough with these sighs Games. Zombie Hero What happened?. Nothing happened. Just yesterday you had such a success.

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