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Zombie Trailer Park ;

Zombie Trailer Park Urban zombies are on their way to the trailer park. Show them some country-style hospitality, huh? Start by knocking their soft skulls open with shovels; then increase the heat with clever powerupery. Booyah!

Right on the attendance.But when the kidsgot punished and stuff…They let me pass. When I was in school… Kids keptscratching my bodywith kniveswithout me knowing. So one day I grabbed oneand hit him. Zombie Trailer Park He went blind in one eye.So I went to prison. I met the guy I workwith there. But now… I don’t want to getbeaten anymore.Can I ask why you useyour sister’s name? So I won’t forget.Your sistermust be thankful.I’m not sure now. I don’t remember much.My family all diedcuz of me. Games Cuz I spilt Cokein the car.Just cuzmy stupid finger hurt…I even killed my sister.Life is filled withworry and deceit.At times we becomedisillusioned with life. And we feel like dyingand giving up.There is nothing thatcan’t be done in God. Let us pray for our giftsto be used as God’s tools.And be good followers of Christ. Use it.I found a payphonebut it’s way too far.It’s the first timeanyone ever thought of me… Zombie Trailer Park

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